sinAsylum Entertainment
With a rich history in the entertainment business, sinAsylum Entertainment is a group of businesses driven by a passion for excellence in both music and live entertainment. It's roots stretch back into the mid seventies when one of its co-founders began working in the music business at the early age of fourteen. Bridging the next three decades, the legacy continues to serve live audiences across North America.

Its online music group, dubbed "Unleashed", serves a mostly American audience with e-commerce services; enabling users to find the latest music releases easily and affordably. Unleashed' also promotes  partnerships with online retailers and music providers such as Napster, Apple's iTunes Music Store, Wal-Mart Music Downloads, Sony Music Store, Real Rhapsody, MusicMatch and others. All together these partnerships provide online customers with instant access to a combined 7,700,000+ songs available for download. Consumers can also access and buy more than 3,000 music videos, plus new and vintage TV shows from our Apple partnership. Unleashed Music Group, Where Music Rules.

sinAsylum Entertainment
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