DMI Web Services
DMI Web Services is a fully owned subsidiary of sinAsylum Corporation, which has strong focuses on web-based business solutions. DWS consists of a group of online businesses that cater to small-to-medium size businesses, providing custom services by professional teams of web development specialists.

For Businesses
DMI Web Services helps businesses in a variety of different ways. Our portfolio of tools,  services, and knowledge provides our clients with effective solutions for their growing business needs. Whether an online business or one just tapping into the potential the web has to offer, our solutions are key to a successful  business launch or to the expansion into new markets. Our staff also advises companies in establishing modern business models that position each company for additional growth.

For Consumers
As technology and consumer involvement with the web has grow, areas that were formerly dominated by businesses are now open to the general public. So whether it is registering and owning their own domain names and hosting them, or setting up personal email services customized to their needs, we do it. We also assist customers with product management, renewal reminders and privacy tools that enable users to be actively involved in today's superstructure of opportunity, with the peace of mind that comes from privacy and security.